Peer Review Process

All articles will be reviewed by at least one reviewer (single double blind), and the results of the review will be published after obtaining approval from the editorial board.

This journal follows systematic review and publication policies:

Step 1:

Submitted manuscripts are acknowledged within 12-24 hours of receipt.

Step 2:

The manuscript was sent to a reviewer without the author's name and affiliation. The review process takes a maximum of two weeks.

Step 3:

Review reports are collected from reviewers and editors will send review reports to authors including all terms and conditions of publication.

Step 4:

If the manuscript is accepted with conditions for revision, the editor will send a review report to the appropriate author including a formal request to revise the manuscript within seven days upon the reviewer's suggestion. The editor will send the revised manuscript to the same reviewer of the manuscript to justify the revision. If the manuscript is returned by the reviewer, then the manuscript is finally said to be rejected. The journal will not proceed with the manuscript. However, in the case of very minor revisions, the editorial board may consider the manuscript for further revision.

Step 5:

Manuscripts received are processed for publication (soft copy) after successfully completing the terms and conditions of the journal.

Step 6:

Evidence Reading. The editor will send the manuscript that has been processed for publication (MS Word) to the correspondent writer for proofreading.

Step 7:

This manuscript is published online first. The editor will notify the author/relevant authors of the online publication with the required download link. Corresponding authors may request any corrections in published manuscripts (in case of critical changes) within one week of online publication.

Step 8:

Journals are published in print within one to two weeks after online publication.

Step 9:

The editor-in-chief will ask the author of the published manuscript to send a correct and complete mailing address (with the correct zip code as well) one week after print publication.

Step 10:

The editor in chief will send a hard copy of this journal if possible to the author within one or two months after print publication.