Focus and Scope

Literasi : Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Madrasah, published by MTs Negeri 2 Jember periodically in June and December every year. This journal contains studies on Madrasah Education from various aspects. The purpose of publication of this Journal is to provide space to publish research, original research results, and conceptual ideas from teachers, lecturers, academics, researchers, and educational practitioners that have never been published in other media.

The focus and scope of writing in this Journal include:
1. Classroom Action Research (PTK)
2. School Action Research (PTS)
3. Supervision Action Research (PTKp)
4. Guidance and Counseling Action Research (BK)
5. Best Practice for Teachers, Principals, and Supervisors
6. Islamic School Education Management
7. Islamic School Education Policy Analysis
8. Multicultural Education in Islamic Schools
9. Learning Strategies in Islamic Schools
10. Contemporary Issues in Islamic Schools Education
11. Islamic School Education Information Technology
12. Learning Technology in Islamic School
13. Development of Materials in Islamic School, including:
a. The Qur'an Hadis
b. Moral theology
c. Fiqh
d. History of Islam
e. Pancasila and civic education
f. Indonesian
g. Arabic
h. Mathematics
i. Natural science
j. Social science
k. English
l. Art and culture
m. Sports physical Education and health
n. Crafts and / or Information
o. Local content